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If you visit my blog, Facebook, or Twitter frequently, then you probably have a good idea of what's on the upcoming release schedule. But it's always nice having things in one tidy place.


HERE FOR US (Us #1) 
March 17, 2017
Perspectives series featuring characters previously seen, including Chet Green and his models. M/M/M Romance.

Late April/Early May 2017
Continuation of the journey toward being a successful threesome. M/M/M Romance.

Untitled Cowboy Romance #1 (Carina Press)
Late 2017/Early 2018
Grumpy cowboys and persistent city slickers find love on a Norther California ranch.


Untitled Discovering Me #3
For Dreamspinner Press. 
Yes, I've begun drafting the third Cole/Jeremy story. I don't have any real idea of when I'll finish it, but I definitely have another chapter in their ongoing tale for you guys.

CHOSEN (Prodigal #3)
The third supernatural novella set in the Prodigal world. I plan to re-release the previous two novellas in digital format when this one is ready, as well as an omnibus edition featuring all three that will be available in print. Release TBD


  1. ooh! can't wait for Ethaniel's story. I adore the Cost of Repairs books....and the Prodigal books and Belonging and Discovering Me...oh heck! I admit it...
    My name is Jo and I am addicted to AM Arthur's books....and I luv it! :)

    Thanks for all the great time I have spent reading your books. Keep up the great work!

    hugs from your #1, yeah fan,

  2. Hi Jo! It's nice to "meet" you. Thanks so much for letting me know you've enjoyed my books, and that you're looking forward to more. I'm excited to finish Ethan's story.

  3. LOVED your Belonging series and I can't wait to read your new Restoration series. I'm thrilled that Tag is getting his story!

    1. I hope you enjoy the new series as much as the other!

  4. YES! The World As He Sees It...NEED IT NOW! Omg, I am shattered after The Truth As He Knows It....incredibly, fabulous, heart-wrenching book. I loved every minute of it!!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed Truth! It wrenched my heart a little bit, and I knew what was coming.

      World isn't contracted yet (soon) but we're looking at an October pub date.

  5. I am so pleased to hear Tristan and Gabe are getting a book.(Should have read this page first before writing my review on Goodreads)

  6. Awesome! I adore Tristan and can't wait for folks to read his story.

  7. Tristan and Gabe... BRING IT ON!!!! So excited they get their own story!! Can't wait!!!!

  8. I love your books! The Belonging series was great and I'm really looking forward to Tag's story.
    Now I just finished reading "The truth as he knows it" and it was so heart-wrenching and awesome and I absolutely can't wait for Tristan's and Gabe's story, it's going to be so great. I absolutely fell in love with Tristan and I'm dying to learn more about Gabe. Seriously I can't wait for it!
    Keep up your awesome work and greetings from a fan from Germany!!

  9. I just discovered your books. I had a marathon reading them all. I think I have e a few more to go. I love your love stories. I can't wait to read more.

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  11. Is 'As I Am' coming out in February 2017 as well?

    1. It is, yes. Thanks for the nudge. I've updated this page to reflect that release date. :)