Free Reads

HOLIDAY JEWELS (Belonging Series). 2300 word short, pdf file.

Ezra and Donner share a moment together as they discuss their first Christmas together, and how they'll start making their own traditions.

ADOPTING FAITH (Cost of Repairs/Acts of Faith) 5400 word short, pdf file.

Samuel asks Rey a question (no, not that question, they're already married).


ROLEPLAY (Restoration Series/Taking A Chance) 2000 word ficlet, pdf file.

Elliott wants to go trick-or-treating. (Alternate link)


DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? (Perspectives Holiday Short) 10,000 words. (Alternate link: read in Dropbox)

Tristan starts a new Christmas tradition with boyfriend Gabe involving a very naughty Elf on the Shelf.


HEARTBEATS (A Perspectives July 4th Ficlet)

Shane and Noel host a July 4th barbecue at their new house, and Shane contemplates the life he has now, and the family he's lost.

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