Frequently Asked Questions

So your pen name has initials. Are you a guy or a gal?

--I am very much a gal.

What made you decide to write male/male romance?

--A little of this, a little of that. I've tried writing male/female romance, and it's very difficult for me. In my real life, I don't seek out romantic relationships for various reasons, so it's hard for me to get into the mind of a romance-minded female character. I have a difficult time relating enough to write them (although I love reading het romances). I have no idea why it's easier for me to write about two men falling in love—perhaps because there are no hetero-normative ideas of what romance should be like.

What sub-genres of m/m romance do you write?

--The majority of my titles are contemporary. I like delving into the problems associated with everyday life. I do have two titles (Prodigal, Frozen) that are paranormal romances, with soft horror elements. In my contemporaries, I write a mix of adult and New Adult characters. It's all about what the characters want, and where they are telling their story.

You write several different series. Are they intertwined novels, or can they be read as standalone titles?

--Most of my novels within each series can stand by themselves and still make sense. I didn't want to make readers dependent upon previous novels if they find themselves starting with, say, book three. To get the best experience, of course I encourage folks to read from book one, as storylines and characters often carry over. It adds richness of detail to each subsequent volume. Each series page notes specifically if the books should be read in order.

Do you plan on writing outside of the m/m romance genre?

--I have two other pen names, under which I publish het paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I like variety in my writing life (and no, I'm not telling you my other pen names).

Why can't I buy PRODIGAL or FROZEN anywhere?

My contract with Musa ended, and I chose not to renew (which was a smart move, as the publisher is closing). Sometime in 2016/17 I hope to re-edit and self-publish both novellas, as well as a third set in the same spooky universe.

Will there be more books in the Perspectives series?

Hopefully yes. Since the publisher, Samhain Publishing, is in the process of closing down, they obviously won't be releasing any new Perspectives titles. However, I do have several characters in that series that are poking at me for a story, so I hope to write more Perspective books in the future. At this time, I'm focusing on writing contracted novels with other publishers.

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  1. I would love to know what became of Alessandro and Jaime.

    1. Alessandro and Jaime continue to appear in Maybe This time (Belonging #2) and Stand By You (Belonging #3), as well as my upcoming Carina Press series All Saints, which begins with Come What May (out in May). I can't say for sure what the far future holds for the couple, but they'll be around in some capacity while I continue to write in my fictional version of Wilmington.

  2. Good Afternoon! I just finished the audio book of THE HEART AS HE HEARS IT and i really enjoyed it. i was wondering if you will be writing a story about Chet or Dane or Rick or any of the characters we met in this story?

    1. Yes. The future of the Perspectives series is very much in limbo right now, since Samhain Publishing is closing its doors. But I do hope to write more stories for this group of characters sometime in the future, particularly Dane. He is someone who very much intrigues me.

  3. Will jace and Gavin ever get another book or short story?

    1. That's a good question. Right now the best answer I have is "never say never." When I follow up with an established couple, it's because something has inspired me to check back in with them. With any luck, we'll see them again.

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